We Care

Our Values - A Leap of Faith Child Development Center provides a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program which fosters: active learning, support for the whole child, and a child centered environment.


We foster innovation
We embrace teamwork
We strive for excellence
We respect and support families
We commit to service at all levels
We respect and appreciate diversity
We actively listen and seek to understand
We communicate openly and productively
We use resources creatively and responsibly
We are committed to closing the gap
We abide by the NAEYC Code of Ethics and Statement of Commitment
Our vision is to be nationally recognized as an outstanding child care center.


A Leap of Faith Child Development Center, INC is a diverse community of children, families, and staff.

Our mission is to provide excellent childcare for families and children of diverse backgrounds. We are absolutely committed to treating each individual in our community with respect, and we strive to include and acknowledge, in all that we do, each individuals unique character and culture. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing only meaningful and developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to experience diversity in the classroom. ALOF policies and procedures are guided by this commitment.

Diversity Statement

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ALOF strives to integrate awareness and appreciation of diversity into all aspects of its curriculum.  We are currently integrating two curriculums, Teacher Created Materials and Hooked on Phonics.  This exposure to diversity needs to be continuous and included in all areas of the classroom.  Furthermore, the integration of diversity in the curriculum will reflect the interest and developmental readiness of the children.

ALOF provides full-day care and learning experience for infants from eight weeks to approximately twenty months of age. Babies (based on their individual development)enrolled in our program are assigned to classrooms based on their age.  Our program maintains an adult/infant ratio of  1:4.  There are four babies and one teacher in each of our infant classrooms.  For greater bonding and comfort, infants remain with the same teacher until the child moves to a toddler room at approximately twelve months.  Reports go home daily sharing procedures, activities and anything pertaining to your child.



When a child is approximately eighteen to twenty-two months old, she/he will move up to one of our toddler rooms. Sense of self and independence are further nurtured at this age. Verbal expression of emotions is encouraged as autonomy is strengthened. Children are helped to label their feelings to be better understood by others. Self-help skills and healthy hygiene are encouraged. The adult/child ratio in this program is 1:6.There are six children and one teacher in our toddler classrooms.1:8 ratio in the two yr old room.  Reports go home daily sharing procedures, activities and anything pertaining to your child.


Age-integrated classrooms for our oldest preschoolers invite cooperative learning.  As a three-year-old enters a Pre-K classroom, the child begins a journey of being helped, helping him/herself and helping others.  Interest areas promote skills of self-discipline, decision-making and negotiation; the teachers promote problem-solving abilities, positive conflict-resolution patterns, and positive self-esteem.  Our adult/child ratio is 1:10   There are 10 children and one teacher in each of our Pre-K classrooms.




Our after-school program at ALOF provides after-school care for children in grades K-up as well as full day care for many days when school is not in session.  The major goal of our SAP is recreation, after school help, homework assistance and skill building.  Our adult/child ration is 1:15, and our staff provides a relaxing and stress-releasing alternative to being home alone after school.