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CACFP Child Income Eligibility Form

As every age is different, so are each programs schedules.

Infants are on an individual (demand)schedule.  

They progress from their individual schedules to (eating together at a table and napping at the same time).

Hours of Operation

6:30a.m. until 10:00p.m.******
No children will be admitted after 9:30 a.m.******
Summer Camp starts June 13


Christmas, New Years Day, MLK Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving.

Two staff training days yearly, and first week in August for staff vacation

A Typical Toddler & Pre-K Schedule

6:30-8:30 | Arrival/Area Choice Time, Breakfast
10:00-10:30 | Morning Snack, Clean Up, Bathroom
10:30-12:00 | Group Activity Time, Outdoor Play

12:00-1:00 | Lunch, Clean Up, Bathroom
1:00-3:00 | Rest Time
3:00-3:30 | Afternoon Snack, Clean-Up, Bathroom
3:30-5:30 | Area Choice Time, Outdoor Play, Dinner

Food Preparation

We serve breakfast, lunch, p.m. snack and dinner.  
We are also members of the Child and Adult Care Food Program. 

Income eligibility forms must be completed upon admission into the center.  
We meet food group specifications
Pre-planned menu
The child Care food Program (U.S) and Reimbursement for food costs.
Allergies and special diets are followed
Mindful of choking hazards
Infants (breast milk, formula, solid foods) 
We provide Prosobi/Infamil with Lipil ONLY
Sanitation and Board of Health regulations are honored
8:00 am ends breakfast
Meals are delivered daily

Child Care Fees

Infant | $180 per week
Toddlers | $160 per week
TwoYears Old | $150 per week
Three Years Old | $140 per week
Pre-K | $130 per week
Five Years-old | $120 per week 

Before/Afterschool | $100 per week

Paying your bill:


ALOF accepts cash, money order, personal checks, credit/debit card, and PayPal.

To insure that your payment is applied to the proper account, please label your payment with your childs full name as it appears on your account.

A $20 fee will be charged for any check returned by your bank. Payments not received by the scheduled payment date, are subject to a $10 payment fee charged for every week the payment is late.

Full time care is NO more that 10 hours daily


***If parents are late picking up their children a late arrival fee of $5 will be charged for every ten minutes that expire and must be paid before that child returns to the C.D Center***


TUITION DURING ABSENCES OR VACATION:  If a child is absent from the ALOFCDC for any reason (whether the child is sick, on vacation, or staying home with visiting relative), tuition must be paid in full. Tuition is paid in full for all State paid holidays and inclement weather closings.