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Dr. Melanie Thomas-Price

CEO/Administrator of A Leap of Faith Child Development Center, Inc.


Dr. Melanie Thomas-Price is the First Lady of the Church of Redemption as well as the CEO/Administrator of two A Leap of Faith Child Development Center, INC locations. A Leap of Faith, INC is a childcare facility in Wilmington, Delaware. Since 2002, we have been providing early care and education to children aged six weeks to twelve years. Melanie was deeply committed to making a positive impact in the lives of children from a young age. She recognized the link between high-quality early childhood care and academic performance later in life.


Melanie began her career at the Dupont Company, where she worked for ten years. Melanie received her education at Wilmington University and Delaware State University. She holds a bachelor's degree in behavioral science and a master's degree in elementary teaching. Friends International Christian University awarded Dr. Price a Doctorate in Ministry with an emphasis on Biblical Counseling. In 2021, Dr. Price will receive her PhD in organizational leadership from Wilmington University.  She was a Special Education teacher in the Delaware public school system. Prior to teaching, she worked for the State of Delaware's K-3 Early Prevention Unit as a Family Crisis Therapist.


In 2011 Melanie Thomas-Price had the privilege of writing and publishing a book entitled, You Can Choose to be Happy.  For some it takes great effort to cultivate joy and happiness. Thomas-Price talks about how she found the courage to choose happiness in the wake of so much sadness. She encourages everyone to look at life's circumstances and to change them by accepting the Word of God. You Can Choose to Be Happy includes short passages to read and meditate upon. Followed by a place to reflect in writing, encouraging the reader  to record their thoughts. This book and journal is designed to help you train yourself to reframe your mindset. By altering your habits, you can transform your outcomes and live a happy life.


Today Melanie Thomas-Price lives with her spouse of 20 years, Pastor Paxton J. A. Price. She still owns and runs two A Leap of Faith Child Development Centers, INC. She was named the Small Business Association's 2016, Minority Business Owner of the Year in 2019, 2020 she earned the Her Story Our History Award and in 2021 she presented at a TEDx platform talk. Melanie now serves on the Advisory Board of the Women's Business Center. She has served as the Interdenominational Association of Ministers' Wives and Ministers' Widows of Wilmington and Vicinity's Local President. While carrying out her most crucial role as First Lady of the Church of Redemption. One of her favor bible scriptures is  Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Daphney Walker

Daphney Walker is married with three children and four grandchildren and a native from the beautiful country of Jamaica. She taught elementary school children from K-6 in Jamaica for over 15 years. She also taught young adults in areas such as reading, mathematics, science, and english language. She then migrated to the United States in 2002 and worked as an early childhood teacher in Delaware for 5 years, teaching children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age and a director for 10 years. She had been with A leap of Faith CDC since March 2012. She has 30 years as an educator, working with children and young adults in a variety of professional capacities both in the public and private sector.

She earned her teaching degree from Bethlehem Moravian College in Malvern, Jamaica, she also obtained Master’s Degree in Psychology with concentration in Behavior Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Management from the University of Phoenix.

Daphney say her mission is to continue to work with children and families to help equip them with life skills that will enable them to function effectively in their environment.

Ann Marie Forde-Williams

Ann is a wife, mother and grandmother.

She is native from beautiful country of Trinidad where she worked in the business industry.

She migrated to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2000 and worked as a Para-professional with the Philadelphia School District.

She attended The Community College of Philadelphia and received her Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Care and Education. She later attended Springfield College and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Human Services.

I have been living in Delaware for eleven years and working as an Administrator for all eleven of those years.

Ann says she is proudly fulfilling her goal of working with children in an urban setting.

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